3 - Oh, Verena

I come from Münichholz with love in my heart,
I gave my whole love to you and not only a part.

I know that your love for me isn't very strong,
but I hope that it will grow after you hear this song.

Oh, Verena, I don't know what I should do
that you will answer my love, my love for you.

There is only one thing that I can really say:
Verena, I love you every night and every day.

I everytime love you when I sing with some friends,
and I also love you when this song ends.

I always think of you when I hear such
songs 'cause I love you very, very much.

Verena, I will tell you why I couldn't ask before:
I knew, if you said "No", in my heart there would be war.

Verena, if you think now that this couldn't be true
then I must tell you you're wrong 'cause I love only you.

I hope that you could now this special song hear,
and I hope that you will come and speak to me here.

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