4 - Big Boy

I'm standing in this museum,
over 50 years I've done.
Have no daddy, have no mum,
have no fam'ly, that's no fun.

Some parts of me begin to rust,
there's only a signboard in the dust.
It says: "'Big Boy', best engine with steam."
And I remember people mean:

Big 'Big Boy', do you come again?
Big 'Big Boy', please tell me when!
I hear your whistle scream
in every beautiful dream.

Through Amer'ca I liked rollin'
proud were eng'neers 'n' Firemen,
in all of this country I liked being
and my small partners were whisp'ring:

repeat chorus

I went to Flor'da down 'long the coast,
that was the way I liked most.
From New York to L. A. behind my iron mask,
everywhere I heard people ask:

repeat chorus

3 miles in front of the last wagon,
I kept the "Orange Blossom Special" go'n'.
Now I can't run any train
but I hear eng'neers sayin':

repeat chorus

I dream of how proud I'll be
when someday they'll remember me:
In front of a train I'll be seen
and all the people will scream:

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