6 - Country Music Fans

From the great evergreens to Country Rock 'N' Roll,
from the Honky-Tonk music to the trains with loads of coal,
from the old Hillbillies to the modern Country dance,
it's all country music, played by great Country bands.

You see them in Dietach, in Steyr and in Linz,
you see them in Vienna, you see them by the hills,
you are one of them and also many bands,
they all like Country Music, they are Country Music fans.

He likes "Country Roads", he likes "The Auctioneer",
he likes the "Wabash Cannonball" and its Engineer,
he likes "Chicken Reel", he likes "Wanted Man",
he loves Country songs, he's a Country Music fan.

She goes to award nights, she goes to Country pubs,
she goes to festivals and is in most fanclubs,
she likes square dancing, she loves a Country band,
she is a western woman, she's a Country Music fan.

From old Tennessee to modern Florida,
from the big U.S.A. to little Austria,
a list of Country venues almost never ends,
they like Country Music, they are Country Music fans.

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