9 - Our Favourite Music

Some fans ask for the best music kind,
we say that we will it find.
So we'll go away and find the top,
and before that we don't want to stop.
Hey, we travel 'round the mountains,
we travel through all lands.
We travel to some countries
where we meet Classic fans (singin'):

That's our favourite music
from our favourite land,
it's best, you should choose it
and play it in your band!

It's not the music we want to hear,
so we go on and have no fear.
As we go to some old hippies then
which say: "This music it is played for all,
if you'll listen what the musicians can,
you'll know they play a Rock 'N' Roll!"

We almost like this Rock 'N' Roll
but we go on to hear this all:
Now we come to some youthful bands,
their songs are loud, their clothes are shabby,
there in the hall we see many fans
screamin': "What you hear is Hard & Heavy!"

But we don't like this, so we go on,
we think the best of music has all gone.
but at last as we return
and we don't know what to sing,
right there is something that we learn
'cause we meet guys who remembered a thing:

Chorus 2
Their favourite's Country Music
from the great old western land,
it's best, we must choose it
and play it in our band!

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