15 - Someone Who Is With Me

You know that's a song
'bout to what I belong,
and about you,
if you want me, too!

Chorus 1:
(I) Can't live without talking,
(I) can't live without loving,
(I) can't live without thinking
'bout someone who is with me

So if you'll talk to me
and you will love me
and you'll stay with me
then you should come to me.

Chorus 2:
I need someone who wants me,
I need someone who needs me,
I need someone who loves me,
then, I know that my love gets free.

You know what I would be
if you needed me.
Yes, I would love you
if you'd love me, too.

Chorus 3:
I hope you're ...

Now I have you
like I wanted to
and when you are in sight
I know I am alright.

Chorus 4:
'cause you're ...
last line 2x

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