31 - Mauthausen

This train is rollin' on and on,
nobody gets out, we're all alone.
Even if we are more than thousand:
Our last station is "Mauthausen".

A lotta people were already killed
there in this awful build-
ings 'n' we are not the last to get there
to go up and down the "murder stairs".

I don't know if the NAZIs had anybody
who shamed about all we'll see.
But I knowall the people were not safe
when they came into that bloody "cave".

Now 50 years are over, what has changed?
The "neo-NAZIs" go on and do the same.
Mauthausen, it will always be a shame,
but for us it looks like a picture frame.

Yes, this train keeps rollin' on and on
we come to think of all the people gone.
We can't remember who lost there how his life.
It's what we think of on May 9th, 95!

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