34 - Country Song

My teacher said that I could sing all over the land,
there would be no one on whom I depend,
but I didn't come that far, I did not become a star,
I only played in an infamous band.

I didn't wonder 'cause "Schumann" and "Chopin"
didn't go really in my head.
I only need very hard rock where my teacher'd get a shock,
but one thing annoys me all the day:

You know, a Country-Western is what I'd like to play,
that's the music style to which I belong.
I am training on my old fiddle night and day,
(I) can't get myself to play a Country song.

It doesn't let me alone, I've tried with fantasy,
I've also studied music history.
But the Classic annoys me, it really destroys me,
why did I attend university?

I got hold of a lot of disks 'til that day,
I've borrowed lots of music to play.
And I hear people say I'll get crazy some day,
and they worry 'bout my right way.

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