46 - Something For The Love

Give me something for the love
that I can fly high above!
I feel like I am only half
so give me something for the love!

All what I need I have at home
but without a girl I feel alone.
I hear inside that my heart screams
and I know what this sound means:

Well, I lost my girlfriend
and my lovin' found an end.
So what I do is hangin' 'round
'cause, you know, my feelin's down.

When I had love, I was strong
but now a girl's for what I long.
I often don't know who I am,
without a girl I'm no right man.

But I don't want to stand in this shoes
where I must live this damn old blues
and it's gettin' harder hangin' on
'cause without a girl I'm feelin' wrong.

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