54 - Wanted

Chorus (1):
I'm not wanted,
yeah, I'm not wanted,
I'm Austria's least - wanted!

I'm an outsider, you know what I mean,
I know how hard this life can be.
Everytime I'm goin' out
I'm standin' outside the crowd.

I have no guy, have no girl,
who does know me really well?
The only thing that I can tell
's that they put my in a psychologic cell.

So I don't know what I can do
that I would be loved like you.
Everybody's friends but I have none,
when they are together, I stay alone.

As I don't have any good friend
I have one question at the end:
Do you know what there could be
that makes the people not recognize me?

But some time I'll be like you
and I'll know what I could do
that I will have a lotta friends
and I'm sure my sadness ends

Chorus 2:
when I am wanted!
Yes I'll be wanted,
I'll be Austria's most wanted!

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