59 - Red-White-Red

Our national flag, red-white-red,
is shinig great in the sunset,
even if the day now comes to an end,
I like living in this little land.

This land I speak of is Austria,
from Kangaroos to here you have to go far,
Austria's on the world's other side,
from there to us, it's a big ride!

This land is great though it is small,
what others want, we have it all.
We're known for Vienna, Salzburg and it's Mozart,
'tween Neusiedl and Bregenz, there's our heart!

Larger than now we were in history,
our Emperors were better than others could be,
now we're a land of Quality
with a lotta people's sympathy.

We're worth a visit every time,
for all the tourists our land is fine:
You can hike in the mountains, you can visit some friends,
you will enjoy it, we're the best of all the special lands!

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