65 - Change

It is time to make a change, just be active and take it serious,
then you'll see that there is something going on.

But take your time, think a lot, think of everything you've got
for we will still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not.

How can we try to explain? When we do, they turn away again,
it' always been the same, same old story.

It is time for a change, don't sit down and take it slowly,
they're too old, that's their fault. There's so much they had to go through.

We were once like you are now, and we know that it's not easy
to be calm when you've found nothing going on.

If they were right, we'd agree, but it's them, they know, not me.
Now there's a way, and I know they have to go away.

It is time to make a change, don't relax or take it easy,
it is hard, but it's harder to ignore it - they have to go away!

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