66 - Drive

Some time ago my father told me
that we would travel to the USA,
that we would go where we always wanted to,
that our dream will come true.

We'll drive through the country,
We'll drive all the day,
yes, we 'll drive through the cities,
we'll drive all our way.

First we'll take the plane to big L.A.,
from there we'll drive away,
we'll go to canyonlands,
and we'll see the desert sands.

After Las Vegas we'll see this all:
Death Valley, Yosemite Fall,
Sequoia, Sacramento
and fin'lly San Francisco.

And then we'll go back along the shore
with lower temperatures than before.
We'll see Malibu, Los Angeles, and
our visit will come to an end.

Chorus 2:
We'll drive along the shoreline,
we'll drive on the bay,
we'll go to "drive-thru"-restaurants,
what else can I say?

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