78 - Beatles-Songs (I Can't Do That!)

All those Beatles-Songs I hear all day,
they are very difficult to play.
They sound like they are for lords,
but I can't manage to play those chords!

I can't do that! (Oh, no,) I can't do that!
That's to much for me,
I can't play faster than see!
these songs are all pretty good
but the chords give me bad mood.
I can't play that! (Oh, no,) I can't play that!

I often wanna sing one of them
but it all ends up in a finger jam:
My five ones on the left are a little too few
to play the guitar like the Beatles do.

There are only few of the easy ones,
most of them are difficult songs.
Singing them goes only half the way
'cause you must manage them to play.

You know, Paul, Ringo, George and John
were better than anyone:
They sang and they played like no one did,
and also now there's no better hit!

('Cause we can't do that...)

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