87 - God Must Love Stupid People

God must love stupid people,
that is equal for women and men.
God must love stupid people
'cause he makes so many of them!

If you go to work or go to school,
everywhere you meet a fool.
If you go out on a saturday night,
you only can say: "All right, ...

You make holidays in a nice town,
you lie in the sun, get cancer but brown,
3 miles from the sea you swim in the pool,
and you say: "Oh, that's cool, ...

If you look at politics, then it's clear,
there are more fools that you'll ever know, dear,
but everytime when people work - or not -
the foolish people stay a lot!

And all the musicians, especially me,
have to be fools, that's what you'll see,
'cause our messages don't change anything
but we go on and we sing:

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