120 - All The Others

All the others weren't as lovely as you,
all the other times I didn't do what I'll now do.
without the others I didn't feel so blue,
after all the others I feel true love for you!

I loved a lot of girls, but not so deep,
it's only your love I wanna keep.
It's the most extreme feeling in my heart,
and I know that has to be a new start.

Every time before I only prepared for you
but now I know that my dreams come true.
I loved all the others, yes, I did,
but now that's gone, it's you whom I need.

Bye, bye, my old love, that's all gone,
if I don't get you I'll stay alone.
I'd be happy if you needed me, too.
So dear, do you wanna start somethin' new?

... I feel true love for you! (3x)

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