135 - A Song For You

Goin' down the street last night
I remembered this rhyme,
was singin' "Love Shine A Light"
all the time.

But there was another thing in my head,
it just didn't go off my mind,
remembered those times we had
'cause you're the best I could find.

And so I sing a song for you, just for you,
yes, I sing, it's the only thing I wanna do.
I'm singin' a small song of a love, so true,
and you know, that's a song that I sing just for you.

You know, I'm doin' fine
when you're with me in my dreams.
You are my only sunshine,
and you know what that means.

I believe I can fly
everytime and everywhere
'cause there's a place on your side
and you just let me be there.

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