166 - Austria

Austria's the coolest country of the world,
Austria is where I meet my country girl,
Austria's where I get all I want,
Austria is cooler than James Bond.

Rap 1:
Austria's cool, you must be a fool
to search your fun somewhere else and run
here and there or anywhere
in your land, USA or Japan,
New York or L.A. or somewhere on the way,
if you can on the other Hand
go not far, get some drink in a bar
and feel like a star in Austria!

Rap 2:
James Bond had to come to have his fun
In the snow of our high Alps and below,
you know what he had in some bed
with a cool girl in his his world.
Reality says, we are cool, yes,
historical Buildings and a lot of silly things,
small of quantity, high in quality,
that's for near and far and image of Austria.

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