187 - Alone In The Dark

Is that the real life?
Is that what they call "survive"?
Is what Noah intended with his ark
that I stand here - alone in the dark?

It's dark at my left, dark at my right,
there's not even a moon in that night.
When I thought I should switch a light on,
I found that all those switches were gone.

I dream of a really sunny day,
I don't know when I saw one an my way.
I dream of a girlfriend and feeling love grow,
I hardly remember when I felt so.

I start to feel a stone where once was a heart,
but staying alone teared it apart.
Feeling and love are going away
when you are here to stay.

When somebody can get me out of here,
my inner salvation could be near.
I know, that this dark has an exit
but alone I'll never find it.

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