218 - Hope

Your way, my way,
lots o' problems day by day,
no matter with which you can cope,
there's always hope.

The faith in love lost a friend of mine
after being single for a long time,
she thought she'd never find a boy,
love songs got something she couldn't enjoy.

One day she logged into a chat,
she talked to a guy on the Internet,
some days later they met in reality,
they fell in love, she couldn't believe.

I gotta learn too much to make it right
but I'm sittin' at those books day and night,
I'm overloaded, perhaps I should do less
but I still believe in success.

You wish this friendship would be more,
your heart beats when you stand in front of her door.
You still don't dare to open your heart,
once you will tell her, a new life will start...

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