219 - The KaiRo Song

It makes me feel good, it makes me feel right,
I keep singin' it every day, every night,
it makes me feel happy, faithful and strong,
I'm livin' my life with the KaiRo song.

Rap 1.:
Feelin' blue, laughin' with you,
day and night, luck in sight,
seein' your face on happy days,
I go along with the KaiRo song.

Rap 2.:
On a sunny day, with a sky so gray,
on every way, no matter where I stay,
seein' old and new, false and true,
feelin' right or wrong with the KaiRo song.

Rap 3.:
Feelin' free no matter where I'll be,
being myself from 1 to 12,
around the clock with cat and dog,
or simply alone with the KaiRo Song.

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