223 - If I Lose Control

There are feelings in this heart
I could control my whole life through
but if I lose control
I'm not sure what I'll do.

I can't hide all I feel or think,
I tell you some of it when I sing,
I try to control what I can,
sometimes that fails, I'm just a man.

There is this girl I know quite well,
she's the lovliest one that I can tell,
I'd fall in love if I'd get to know such a girl,
I must hide that from me and the whole world.

When I hear some people talking just trash,
I wanna argue, nit fight or crash,
but if that lasts too long, I can't just sit
there, once I'll stand up and stop that shit!

I'm keeping control, I can stand it quite long,
but sometimes some feeling gets too strong,
excuse me if you can't understand it some day,
sometimes I just have to do it my way.

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