228 - The Emperor And The Queen

The emperor and the queen,
I think we are a really good team.
Sometimes it seems just like a dream,
the emperor and the queen.

You rarely find a girl like this,
rarely find someone you don't wanna miss,
if she don't get your girlfriend,
it's a thing some guys don't understand.

You find someone who can feel just like you do,
someone who helps you when you're feelin' blue,
some kind of relations could make this end,
so it's good to keep that one as your best friend.

She's the most charming girl I've ever seen,
every nation would love her as their queen.
Our names' translations serve that quite well,
they're "emperor" and "queen", as far as I can tell.

We'd be monarchs of love for the whole world,
we'd bring joy and friendship to every boy and girl,
we'd try to fill people's hearts,
'cause that's where satisfaction starts.

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