234 - 3 Beautiful Girls

Don't wanna leave, don't wanna move a bit,
don't want a shiny car or any other shit,
no golden rings, don't want any pearls,
just wanna stay here with those 3 beautiful girls.

There's one with blond hair in a black dress,
can't tell if I like her best,
I simply love blond hair and I'm a fan of black
but I don't know the person, so what the heck...

One of them with brown hair wearin' a white top,
I try tro analize her, I can't stop,
she looks quite nice but I can't decide
what I should think of the girl in white.

The third one wears black and has brown hair,
I just can't stop lookin' at her.
Probably she's the lovliest of them all
but before I decide anything, I must know her soul.

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