242 - This Cup Of Your Love

There were times that seemed so long,
I was feelin' lonely and blue.
But now those times are gone
'cause now I have you.

You're the love that fills my time,
when you are with me, I feel fine.
I believe I'm in some heaven above
when I drink this cup of your love.

When one day I looked into your eyes
I realized you are so nice.
I couldn't resist that look at your face,
and that's never changed since those days.

I drink this cup when I'm down,
when I feel cold it makes me warm all 'round.
When I'm sad, I grow happy again,
when I'm weak, I regain strength.

I can't tell how good it feels,
love's worth much more than the time it steals.
It gets up where words don't reach,
and you learn of things your mind can't teach.

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