244 - God Laid Love Into Our Hands

Chorus (both):
God laid love into our hands,
we saw each other and grabbed this chance:
Now you love me and I love you,
I'm sure god blessed us two.

1. (he):
He opened my eyes, I saw your face,
I stared at you, I was amazed.
We both knew what we couldn't believe:
something was happening with you and me.

2. (she):
He opened my heart when you looked so sweet,
in all of my body I could feel its beat,
didn't dare to realize what this could mean
'cause that all just felt like a dream.

3. (he):
I still remember our first kiss,
't was only a half one but I though "Gee whiz!
This girl and me, we are one team!"
- I'm sure you know what I mean.

4. (she):
I didn't know how we should meet again,
then I remembered you gotta help a friend.
I called you, heard your "Hello..."
- How that went out? We all know...

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