245 - My Dream, My Life, My Love

I was searchin' many years long
for a love that is so strong,
for that girl of my dreams -
I won't find her, I was convinced.

I searched the bars and the streets,
I didn't know where that leads.
I still had this desire
of love's burnin' fire.

Chorus 1:
And I dreamed of a life with that love (x2)

But then I found what I was lookin' for,
I still tend to love 'er more and more.
She gives a meaning to what I am,
she makes me a lucky man.

Chorus 2:
She's my dream, she's my life, she's my love (x2)

Any look at 'er face always tells
I wouldn't want anybody else.
She's the one I always wanted to meet,
she's got all I ever need.

(Chorus 2; x2)

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