247 - A New Start

I don't wanna live without you
'cause I love you, I still do.
I'll just tell my achy breaky heart
that we'll head out for a new start.

You need to change you said this day
and a boyfriend would block this way.
You life will change, your love may not,
but that fact didn't help me a lot.

When we split up, you ripped off my life,
you cut us in two with a knife.
I was goin' through hell,
't was the worst day I can tell.

The next day you said you still want me
and that I shouldn't feel too lonely,
that you want to start all over again
though you still don't know when.

I understood you had to draw a line
without an end the change's not worth tryin'
but as long as our feelongs match
you want to restart from scratch.

I just wanna ask you to keep your love,
keep that fire burnin' just enough
to light up a powerful new
relationship of me and you.

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