249 - Why Can't Life Be Easy?

Why can't life be easy, I just don't understand,
did you want us to get here, was it this what you meant?
It can't be that hard just to get along,
I can't help believin' this has to be wrong.

Life's not too simple, that's what I know,
but it was nice 'n' easy 'til you decided to go.
Livin' is hard since that nightmare of a day
and I'm not really sure you did mean it this way.

I don't want just anyone 'cause I long for you,
I want to start over and get our love renewed.
I know some things went wrong in the past
but now we can change all those things we messed.

I just want our lives to give what we want
and currently I know that they don't,
I know that you love me just like I love you,
so why don't we make our dreams come true?

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