250 - The Playoffs Of Love

I want a 3-point jump shot that's nothin' but net,
I'm throwin' the ball and look what I can get,
I'm in the playoffs of love, playin' round after round,
I'm gonna win the most perfect girl I ever found.

A perfect girl is like a perfect shot,
you long for her, you take every chance you've got,
you need 'er to win, to be on top,
as long as you don't have 'er, you won't stop.

I'm no big player but I know what I want,
that's why I win when others don't.
After winnin' those playoffs, I won't be alone,
there's a place for two champions on love's throne.

As long as I don't have 'er, those playoffs go on,
there's no chance to lose, in the end we'll have won.
We'll remember that shot, forget other playoff stuff,
live together as champions, playin' the game of love.

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