259 - Killing My Software (extended)

I tried to run my programs with Windows 95,
8 megs is recommended but I got only 5.
So there it was my system - completely obsoleted

Typing bad names with my fingers,
cursing out loud at my mouse,
killing my software with Windows,
killing my software with Windows,
needing more disk space for Windows,
needing new programs with Windows.

XP needed hundreds of megs, I then got 64,
I bought some new but they broke into a backdoor.
So they cracked my system, it was totally trashed.

Chorus: Typing bad names...

That day I wiped my hard disk, 'cause my system was hosed,
like with an air conditioner, I cared that Windows stayed closed.
So I installed that "Linux" - and my problems were gone...

Chorus: Typing bad names...

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