262 - Tough Girl

From the outside you are a tough girl
but for me you're like a pearl:
There's a hard cover that's holdin' tight
but I see a jewel hidden inside.

It seems hard to get near you,
hard to touch your soul,
we don't see a tear in you,
don't see feelings rise or fall.

One might not see it but, well,
your heart is ensible and nice.
It might be hidden in that shell
but I feel it lookin' into your eyes.

Your heart is sensible, I know,
easily broken, easily hurt,
it needs that protection so
it can't get lost in the dirt.

It's a gem, a jewel you're carryin' inside,
keep it safe and warm for all your life,
it's your real self, day and night,
it's the best reason to survive.

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