263 - Break Out

I can't help bein' confused,
all those ssongs feel so used,
it's the same old story as before
an I can't stand it any more.

Love ends and gets lost,
still this is what I miss most,
so I get tired of this sound
of havin' no one around.

I wanna break out, it doesn't feel right
that there's no one at my side.
I wanna break out of this loneliness
'cause I need love and tenderness.

I'm feelin' lonely among my friends
livin' like that I got no chance
of ever bein' satisfied,
this all ain't feelin' right.

It's useless to force a change,
just sittin' 'round is gettin' strange.
What should happen? I have no clue,
I'm just wond'rin' what to do.

I miss a girl in my dreams,
I still wonder what that means.
I'm feelin' empty and gray,
my life washed those colors away.

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