265 - Walk Alone

It's been a long time since I had a girlfriend
It's been long enough that my times are tough
But you know I get along tryin' to stay strong
don't show others too bright what I'm feelin' inside

That leads me through the day well enough that I can say
I'm just proud that I once again didn't cry

That's my world, that's my life,
that's how I learned to survive,
but when I'm goin' home
I know I still walk alone.

I've been goin' out to sing a song,
I've made some friends all along,
we're singin' together, havin' fun,
but when it's over, they're all gone.

Those nights build up my hope,
they're my illusions, they're my dope,
give me a glance of love
and hide that this world is rough.

repeat chorus

It's all more than I can stand,
and I know this gotta end
but that's hard to achieve
so I go on with how I live.

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