268 - Breaking Apart

Instead of home there's emptiness,
instead of love there's loneliness,
I feel that big hole in my heart
and my life is breaking apart.

I'm suittin' here in this bar
and I realize I've come quite far:
Gone to university, I'm makin' money,
got the bread to live, where's some honey?

My home feels quite far away,
my dreams need hard work every day,
my fun's goin' out and drinkin',
UI only can relax when I stop thinkin'.

For the moment, I'm livin' right here,
but it only feels home after drinkin' some beer.
There's places that might feel better
but I'm not if that would matter.

Got no girlfriend, all my love is gone
and I've never liked being alone.
Whenever I like some girl, there's either no chance,
or she just wants us to stay good friends.

I got some friends here but I know I won't stay,
after some years I'll be movin' away.
I'll probably arrive at my old home
but most friends there are already gone.

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