270 - The Miracle

There's this girl I stared at for hours,
she's shining of some awesome powers,
she's so cute, nice and lovely,
her eyes so blue like heaven above me.

Every night I dream about her,
every day I'm glad I found her,
still I don't dare to tell her what I feel,
and I'm not sure if I ever will.

It's like a miracle when we meet,
this girl, she is so sweet,
I'd throw all sugar outta my sight
for just one time holdin' her tight.

If I would only get the chance
I'd want us to be more than just friends.
For her, I swear, I'd always care,
when she'd need me, I'd be there.

I'd love her with all my heart,
where heaven ends, this would start,
to her I'd give my life,
maybe I'd ask her to be my wife.

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