272 - The Rain

Lookin' outside, all that I see
is rain and fog surrounding me,
gray clouds are blockin' the light,
and this vapor's disturbin' my sight.

I can't stop the rain
but this rain can't bring me down,
those gray clouds stay the same
but they just mask the sun.

This life's all gray in gray,
the sun could take my troubles away,
but it's still hidden, god knows where,
sunrays reachin' me are pretty rare.

I know that sun's there in the sky,
but I don't know the reason why
it hides behind that thunder and rain
and I'm stayin' down here in vain.

Some time the sunlight's gonna break through
and end my life of gray and blue,
its warm light will break the rain
and that lovely life will shine again.

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