274 - Mystery

Love is a hidden land
I wish I could understand
but whatever I do, all I see
is that love's a mystery to me.

I had my share of experiences
I'd never wanna miss,
love tried me with never lasting chances,
you never know what's the last kiss.

I hoped I could in this world
find some lasting love,
it felt like it for a whirl
but it was never enough.

When there's some girl I could like,
she wants everyone but me,
and if we go out out for a hike,
it's the places she wants to see.

"Girls want someone special, you know",
people tell me day by day,
but with the everyday guy I see them go
out the bar and out of my way.

I don't know what I'm doin' wrong,
I'm just tryin' to be myself,
but instead of takin' me along,
they just take some guy off the shelf.

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