278 - Nobody

They call me "nobody".
They call me "everyone".
They call me "who's he?"
They call me "just for fun".

Y'know women ain't seein' me
unless they get their drinks for free,
we might be talkin' and havin' fun
but next time they ask "who are you, son?"

I'd sure like somethin' to last
like I remember from the distant past
but they sure gonna make me feel
that I'll never ever gonna get that deal.

I surely could be just your friend
but y'all gonna send me off in the end.
You know I just don't wanna be that no more,
if you don't want me, go out that door.

Hey girl, are you too blind to see
the lover deep inside o'me,
I could be your till the end o'time
if you just would be mine.

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