279 - Light My Way

Light my way, Lord, light my way,
though I admit, Lord, I rarely pray,
but I believe, and I'm agood man,
all will be fine, Lord, in the end.

I'm livin' my life in the dark,
only shadows where I embark.
I need to get out and make it right,
there must be a way to the light.

I'm not a bad man, done nothin' wrong,
just been without love for too long.
Despite that, I got some sense,
believe in love and happy ends.

I'm a romantic, a family guy,
but my love's river has run dry.
My heart has sunken into a night,
it's longin' for warm sun in sight.

I need your help, can't find my way,
I do believe, to you I pray,
I rarely do, but I'm sincere,
I trust in you to find out of here.

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