280 - Steel Guitar

I'm hooked on Country Music,
withdrawal would make me sick.
I love hangin' out at the bar
listen' to the fiddle and steel guitar.

Too bad that here in Austria
downhome Dixie is quite far,
or else I'd play my songs
in saloons and honky-tonks.

If I'd move to America,
I'd buy myself a steel guitar,
I'd play till the cows come home
and till all the pain on earth is gone.

I ain't be able to stop
playin' that ole Southern Rock
Cajun Texas Country style
as whatever ya'll put it on file.

I'd reside in Texas or Louisian',
who dat say I'm a Lone Star man,
for sure gonna feel at home
'tween N'Orleans 'n' San Antone.

That love for Country's always there
as long as cotton grows somewhere,
pain on earth has to be healed,
and longhorns are out on the field.

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