283 - Risa

Sometimes I wish I could go to Risa,
Show up a Horga'hn and you can bet
I'd take all Jamaharon I can get.

Call me caught in fiction but, you see,
there's times I need to escape reality -
and a planet of pleasure could be
exactly the right thing for me.

I need to relax, flee from that stress,
all things makin' life a mess.
All those people testin' my patience
make me wonder where the pain ends.

I'm tired of sittin' 'round all alone,
livin' just for work seems so wrong
but some Risian company
would surely set my spirits free.

Suraya Bay must be beautiful
but bein' just fiction is so cruel -
if you like Star Trek or not,
for hangin' out it would be hot.

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