284 - Circle Of Wood

Down at the Grand Ole Opry,
on the floor that makes the stars,
cut out from the old Ryman stage,
there's a circle of wooden bars.

A piece of Country Music history,
it made a legend on its own,
it's always been there with the greats
in the middle of story and song.

It's just a circle of wood
but to some it means the world.
It's been touched by
Dolly, Brad and Merle,
the young and the old,
all talented and good.
It's a piece of history,
this circle of wood.

It's always been at the center stage,
at Country Music's heart,
it even survived when the floods came
and tried to tear it apart.
It symbolizes "family"
among artists and fans,
a pulse that keeps us strong,
a legend that never ends.

repeat chorus

solo + repeat chorus?

repeat 1st part of 1st verse

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