289 - Sober

I woke up in the morning, my head was sore,
must've been drinkin', don't r'member any more.
My bed felt empty, you've been gone,
you broke my heart, it felt so wrong.

If bein' sober is like that,
I'd better be drinkin' all night,
'cause this heartache and headache,
it ain't feelin' alright.

Life feels wrong when I stop drinkin',
any minute I'm sober, I start this thinkin'.
How could I lose you, what did I do wrong?
Gotta drown those thoughts before too long.

Life's much simpler when I drink,
I don't hurt, and I don't think,
I got comp'ny in the bar, you see,
not empty walls starin' back at me.

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