291 - This Stuff Called Windows

The technician laughed 'bout my problem with Word
and he said "I suppose you've heard
about Windows".
Then I rushed to this computer and I looked inside
and I could hardly believe my eyes
as a big logo loaded up
from that harddisk drive...

No, I don't know how to use it or what I gotta do
I guess they'd never tell me even if I pay them to
'cause for 24 years I've been using this stuff called Windows.
24 years just waitin' for a chance
to control what it's doin' or maybe just get a glance
so that I could get used to doing my work with Windows.

I grew up with DOS and was left in the dark
typing my initials at that cursor mark.
Then Billy put up those icons on the screen
and placed this mouse where my coffee had been
as my knowledge faded slowly out to the trash bin.

And the technician looked back and asked how I felt
and he said "I know how to help -
get rid of Windows".
He said "Now Windows is dumb, but Linux is here,
you know they've been working for 24 years..."
And that big logo disappeared...

repeat chorus
No I'll never get used to just doing my work with Windows.

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