294 - Coffee

Gimme beer, gimme water, or somethin' sweet,
a warm place to stay or somethin' to eat,
come hold and kiss me softly,
I still ain't complete without coffee.

I wake up in the mornin', first thing I do,
is flip on the machine to make this brew.
don't talk to me 'fore my first sip
or bad words might cross my lips.

When I start work, I sit at my desk,
I need to concentrate, I can't rest,
I need that dark stuff in a cup
and that'll build me up.

After lunch, as you can guess,
it's another sip of that drink I like best
that fuels me up for the afternoon,
that energizes that whole room.

And when I come home and you want me
to be as good as I ever can be,
you'll take a page off my book,
and a pot o' coffee is what you'll cook.

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