297 - Rock Me Firefox

In 2004 the red panda rose
out of Netscape's ashes to end our woes
and brought openness and innovation back
so users could take back the web.

This Firefox was secure and fast,
the add-on collection was vast
the user was in control
of a web with heart and soul.

I want my privacy
and no one tracking me,
I want a neutral net
and an open web,
so rock me Firefox,
o-oh, o-oh,
so rock me Firefox!

Web services grew, they're a part of life,
they sell ads so they can survive,
and those are trackin' where you are goin',
what you do for work and in your home.

So Firefox fights for freedom again,
for puttin' your life back into your hand,
and for the web bein' open to all,
no matter if they are big or they are small.

Encrypting all traffic
should be automatic,
a life without a backdoor
is what we're fightin' for.

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