299 - Krazy Glue

Does Krazy Glue help with a broken heart?
She left me with one that's ripped apart,
so I gotta figure it all out now
and find a way to fix it somehow.

It was beautiful and it was whole
when she came along and joined my soul,
she held it high, it shined above all,
but moments later she let it fall.

Now it lies down on the ground
shattered into those pieces I found,
I'm holding those in my hands
wonderin' how I can mend it again.

If it just had cracks, love could sip in,
but fragments can't hold anythin'
so I gotta get it back in shape,
maybe I could use some duck tape?

If it holds together with that glue,
will it be as good as new,
or is it damaged beyond repair,
will I find another love somewhere?

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