301 - A Klingon Hello

nuqneH, what do you want?
Wos wühst - it's a Klingon "Hello".

"Jolan Tru" is how Romulans greet,
humans say "Hi" or "Hello" when they meet,
but Klingons aren't that friendly upfront,
they brush you off - what do you want?

If they welcome you with "Qapla'",
they wish you success and would roast a lingta'
in honor of you being friend or family,
but they greet all others, as you'll see

taH pagh taHbe', the original Klingonee
for "to be or not to be",
you will hear those Klingons recite
and sing an opera about a glorious fight.

tlhIngan maH taHjaj!
If they identify themselves as such,
remaining Klingon is on their mind,
Federation petaQ they'll leave behind.

HeghluʼmeH QaQ jajvam!

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