302 - Cake Is Eternal

Cake is eternal, it will survive us all,
like the pyramids of Gizeh or the Chinese wall.
I don't know the future, may be glorious or infernal
but one thing I know: cake is eternal.

You can eat one today or in a thousand years,
it will survive, don't have no fear.
If it's hummingbird or cheese or any other cake,
as long as there's humans, that's what they bake.

You have parasites on your star ship, and an Android with dreams -
this story's far-fetched, or so it seems.
He dreams of a cake - or has he totally lost it?
It's cellular peptides - with mint frosting!

Even Holograms or Borg fall for that taste,
no Betazoid or Ferengi would let it go to waste.
From Earth to Ni'Var, from Qo'noS to Trill,
a cake brings love to any mouth it can fill.

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