303 - Lockdown Friday

It's just another lockdown Friday,
and I'm gonna celebrate it my way,
I'm gonna stay at home,
'cause my party is me alone.

I would wanna go out
but that is not allowed.
Wanna party in a bar
with people from near and far. (But...)

There may be no "I" in beer
but nobody else is here,
so I'm drinkin' this on you,
I got nothin' else to do.

Don't wanna get the virus tonite,
so keepin' my distance is still right,
this pandemic will end, no doubt,
I just gotta wait it out.

Stayin' by myself is hard,
sometimes it's tearin' me apart,
but I'm tryin' to cope
by holdin' on to hope.

So to everyone of you
who spends the night feelin' blue:
Let's together raise a drink,
cheer for each other - and drink!

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